Our recent publications and presentations

Co-author (2020) ‘How to prevent and address safeguarding concerns in global health research programmes: practice, process and positionality in marginalised spaces’- BMJ Global Health
Co-author (2020) "Psychological resilience, fragility and the health workforce: Lessons from Liberia and Sierra Leone on pandemic preparedness" BMJ Global Health
First author (2020) ‘Covid19 in West Africa: Responses and impacts’ West Africa Insight. Vol 6(6) ISSN 2006-1544
Co-presenter: ’Preventing Harm in Research: Safeguarding in International Development Research’, United Kingdom Collaborative in Development Research, Webinar, 2020.
Co-author (2020) ‘Guidance on Safeguarding in International Development Research- UKCDR
First author (2020) ‘International Women’s Day: Moving on from the celebration’ ARISE project. ARISE Consortium.
Co-presenter: ‘Challenging Ill-health, Inequality and Insecurity in Informal Urban Settlements’, UNDP-UKRI Partnership Meeting-SDGs and a New Generation of Inequalities. 2020. UN Headquarters, New York
Presenter: ‘Child sexual abuse in developing countries: Education to inspire global change’, Chevening Annual Student Conference, 2018. University of Bristol, England.

Dr. Bintu Mansaray

All children, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances have the right to be protected, nurtured and free from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect, maltreatment and exploitation as set out in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Respecting and supporting this right is the essence of child safeguarding.