Amie & The Safe Keepers Project

Amie is an 8-year-old girl living in Sierra Leone who embarks on a journey which she calls the Safe Keepers Project to educate her friends on different illnesses affecting children, safety tips, and child abuse prevention messages. Children are brilliant, and when well-informed, they can protect themselves and others by continually reminding adults on the right thing to do. 

Amie & The Safe Keepers Project: Book 1

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This first book on the coronavirus serves as a reminder that as we all strive to go back to normal and children are going back to school, the virus is still out there, and we should continue taking precautions.Amie’s books are meant for children worldwide to give them a glimpse of the lived experiences of children in other countries. 


Get a copy and have enlightening discussions with your children about diverse places, infections, and safety.

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